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Tours and prices

All tours are commented: your driver is also your guide.

Tales from old Namur – 30 minutes – 3.5 kms

Churches, pedestrian streets, edge of the Sambre and sight on the Citadel: ideal to discover the city center!

Price: 1 person = 7 €; 2 persons = 10 €; small child = + 1 €

Ride between the Sambre & the Meuse – 60 minutes – 8 kms

A walk to Jambes and Namur, along the two rivers: the most pleasant in summer!

Price: 1 person = 11 €; 2 persons = 16 €; small child = + 2 €

Frequently asked questions
What is a « pousse-pousse »?

Rickshaw, cyclo-taxi, pedicab, trishaw: here are many names to describe our vehicle. It is actually a tricycle with electric assistance.

Rickshaw rides always take place with your pilot who is also your guide. Our pilots are young inhabitants of Namur, passionate about their city.

How many people can ride in the rickshaw?

The bench rickshaw is 90 cm wide, it can accommodate two adults and a child on the knees.

Where to start the ride? Can I leave my stroller / wheelchair / luggage at the departure point?

The rickshaws are stationed from 11am to 5pm at the Place de l’Ange, right in the city center, next to the statue of the Angel.

It is also possible to start the ride from the Tourist Office, located in the station building, to the right of the main entrance. If you have a stroller, a wheelchair or any other object that does not fit in the rickshaw, you can leave it at the Tourist Office.

If you are a person with reduced mobility, we can start the walk at any place in the city center (area bounded by the Sambre, the Meuse and the railway). There is no extra charge.

To know where to park, we invite you to consult this website

How should I pay for the ride?

Payment is in cash with the driver during the ride. You do not have to pay in advance.

If you do not have cash, your driver will take you in a rickshaw to the nearest cash machine.

If you want an invoice or receipt, please let us know.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Rickshaws circulate no matter the weather! They have a transparent panoramic roof that protects you from the rain.

In case of exceptionally bad weather we will contact you to ask you if you want to maintain the ride.

For the health of our pilots, the rickshaws do not circulate on the days when the temperature announced by the Royal Meteorological Institute exceeds 32 ° Celsius.

Can I take several guided tours in a row?

There is no problem in combining two walks in a row. Just think of giving your pilot some time to drink some water.

How much will my child pay?

Children staying on the lap of adults pay the supplement of 1 or 2 €. The others pay the standard fare.

Can my dog ride in the rickshaw?

All animals are accepted on board, as long as they are clean, are not afraid of rickshaw and have good character. This also applies to humans.

Are rides accessible to people with reduced mobility?

The walks are accessible to people with reduced mobility. This is the most convenient way for someone who has difficulty walking to visit the city.

If you have a wheelchair, it can be deposited at the Tourist Office.

We can start the walk at any place in the city center (area bounded by the Sambre, the Meuse and the railway). There is no extra charge.

Are there any special comments for people who are hard of hearing, visually impaired or mentally retarded?

Comments are made by the driver and are not recorded in advance. Pilots adapt their comments to passengers. There is no extra charge if the ride lasts longer to facilitate understanding.

For the hard of hearing, we can print the comments. Please notify us at the time of booking.

Do you organize events for groups?

Two rickshaws circulate at least. If you want to enjoy rickshaws to organize a ride for a group, a team-building or a day with friends, we invite you to send us an email at

Who manages rickshaws?

Rickshaws belong to the Namur Tourist Office. They are managed by the team of volunteers of the association #Namur Inc. This partnership aims to discover the heritage of Namur to the greatest number and is cultural and non-commercial.

How to get in touch?

You can contact us by email at or or by phone at +32 81 24 64 49

Reservation the same day only by phone on +32 81 24 64 49

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